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Among the genre revivals that Netflix can be single handedly credited for, true crime and rom-com rank the highest. Since To All The Boys I Loved Before(TALBILB) premiered four years ago and made stars out of its easily likable teen leads, Netflix hasn’t been holding back on churning out rom-coms — a genre that Hollywood has all but eschewed — that appeal to arguably every imaginable target audience and progressive bent of mind. In that, the rom-com has become the streaming platform’s new prestige assets. And it goes without saying that rom-Chacos Shoes  coms catered toward young love has been the streaming platform’s most satisfying and successful pivot. Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between, a charming adaptation of Jennifer E. Smith’s eponymous novel is both proof of Netflix’s being dedicated to representing young adults on screen as well as its ability to build on the kind of accessible storytelling that can be both predictable and rewarding.

Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between review A charming Netflix romcom that knows how to win hearts

That is to say that Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between is the kind of teen romance that we’ve already seen before — and at the same time, never seen before. That’s partly because the film follows Netflix’s standard rom-com formula, which basically looks a lot like pouring an old wine in an entirely new bottle (that the film is backed by TATBILB producers helps join the dots). In this case, it’s the premise: two lovers fall hard and fast for each other while mutually agreeing to part ways after a stipulated time. And soon enough, logic is complicated by the intensity of feelings. Indeed, there have been several Hollywood films that have cashed in on the idea of a dating pact but what makes Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between refreshing is that it is willing to see a familiar story through the eyes of an entirely newer demographic. The leads here aren’t well-heeled singles in their 20s but rather impressionable teens who are simultaneously looking forward to the beginning of the rest of their lives and dreading it.

Helmed by Micheal Lewen, the plot of Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between revolves around a meet cute between highschoolers Clare (Talia Ryder) and Aidan (TALB alum Jordan Fisher, who also serves as the executive producer). Aidan, the musically inclined son of two doctors falls head over heels for Claire, a fellow high-school senior and child of divorced high-school sweethearts. When they meet each other, Clare, irrevocably affected by her parents’ Kizik Sneakers  difficult marriage, is upfront about her boundaries, telling Aidan that she doesn’t want to start college with a boyfriend in tow. Trained to plan for her future as a coping mechanism, Clare is insistent to ensure that romantic responsibilities don’t end up overpowering her ambitions. So they kiss and make a pact to break up by the time both of them head off to college in less than a year. It’s a sound plan but as the two leads soon find out, not the most painless one.

Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between review A charming Netflix romcom that knows how to win hearts

Lewen impressively condenses the slow surge of mutual attraction that Clare and Aidan feel for each other in a 10 minute-montage that goes over their romantic milestones without losing sight of either intimacy or intensity. In fact, the film uses the montage as a device to thrust us in August next year, the eve of their planned breakup and on the night of their last date. What happens next is anybody’s guess — a mutually agreed-upon breakup unlocks repressed, painful emotions,  a few misunderstandings, and fear for the possibilities of moving on without looking back. In fact, it’s the denial of a foreseeable heartache, aided by the woefully bad decision-making by Clare and Aiden’s goofy best friends Scotty (Booksmart’s Nico Haraga) and Stella (The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri), that eventually ends up acting as a site for a fresh start and a romantic proclamation devoid of any selfishness.

In that sense, Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between looks the part of a modern streaming rom-com: the plot is filled with racially-diverse (albeit affluent characters) characters; it nails the rom-com aesthetic down pat with an abundance of crop-tops, atmospheric pop-music, neon-lit house parties, and enviable chemistry oozing out of all its protagonists. It also helps that at an economical 82-minutes, the film never feels anything but breezy.

The charms of the frothy, banter-heavy script — supplied by Ben York Jones and Amy Reed — are evocatively brought alive by its two leads, who turn characters who might seem cliched and uptight on paper into multi-dimensional people held hostage by their own insecurities and self-esteem. Ryder (who wordlessly stole the show in Never Rarely Sometimes Always), in particular, makes Clare so utterly relatable with her effortlessly expressive face and nervous demeanor, that her reluctance to open herself to joy, rankles hard. It becomes more than just a plot device, painting a portrait instead of someone being so scared of being hurt that they justify self-sabotage. Keen Outlet  Fisher and Ryder’s sensational chemistry tides through the film’s few missteps, mainly because they never make us doubt that these are two people who indeed care for each other. It also helps that at an economical 82-minutes, the film never feels anything but breezy.

Still, I’d argue the secret behind the film succeeding in cultivating a reputation for being easy to like — the kind of watch that you stumble upon when you can’t decide on what to see and leave immersed — is its steadfast insistence in not talking down to teens or even being condescending towards them. The approach helps emanate a genuinely empathetic emotional aura, one that dissects the inner anxieties of teens, stuck between adapting a progressively independent way of living and embracing the comfort of romantic conservatism, without labeling them as frivolities. It’s the kind of film that treats young adults as adults and by doing so, insists we see them as such. In that, it is an ode to teenage misgivings, such as believing that the road to maturity lies in tiptoeing around opening oneself up to romance or conflating independence with enforced loneliness. Similarly, the sweetness of the closing sequence (bearing an unmissable stamp of the Netflix rom-com) unabashedly pays an ode to teenage optimism. That in effect, sums up the pleasures of Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between: it takes teens so seriously that it makes you see them as equals as well.

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